Common Core


Our goal is to improve student outcomes

Especially as California transitions to new standards and new assessments, an emphasis on effective teaching and learning must continue to be a priority. The Association of California School Administrators understands that school districts need more resources to implement the Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards. Providing 21st century learning schools and ensuring all students [...]

Human Resources


Ensuring HR processes that meet the needs of students

Hundreds of thousands of hardworking teachers, administrators and other educators are making a difference in students’ lives every day. Streamlining the dismissal process and improving the evaluation process will help ensure effective teaching for all of our students in all of our classrooms. The Association of California School Administrators believes the current teacher dismissal process [...]

School Funding


Creating a stable funding and accountability system

California’s new school funding formula emphasizes local decision-making, equity, accountability and transparency. It provides schools and districts increased opportunities to focus resources on targeted student groups over its eight-year implementation cycle. Our ongoing goal is help create a stable and sufficient funding system that ensures equity and enables all of our students to meet California’s [...]